Monthly Archives: December 2014

Logo Contest Winner

Thirty-one City of Tacoma employees submitted concepts for the identity for the new Tacoma Employee Wellness Program, and Debbie Bertram (Lead Water Service Worker at Tacoma Water) came up with the award-winning tagline, Growing With Better Health, which inspired the development of the program’s logo. Besides the right to brag, Debbie received public recognition, a […]

Wellness Champions Wanted

Do you want to help create excitement around leading a healthy lifestyle? By volunteering to be an ambassador for the Tacoma Employee Wellness Program – Growing With Better Health – you will assist in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives at your work location. You will also share information and encourage your friends/colleagues to […]

Be SMART When Setting Your Health Goals

It is that time of year when we all start thinking about making changes in our lives to improve our health and happiness. Some of us will try to start exercising, while others may decide to eat healthier, manage finances better, or spend more quality time with family. Although the intentions of these goals are […]

Tacoma Employee Wellness Program Launched Jan. 1, 2015

What is the new Tacoma Employee Wellness Program all about? The Tacoma Employee Wellness Program – Growing With Better Health – encourages you to take a broader approach to wellness with RedBrick Health, an independent online wellness platform that is uniquely simple, social, fun and customizable, and offers web, mobile and live interaction. How does […]