Employee Wellness Center – TMBN

New Employee Wellness Center in Basement Level of Tacoma Municipal Building North

–Facility for All City Employees to Use–


As part of the Employee Wellness Program, the City of Tacoma has established an Employee Wellness Center in Tacoma Municipal Building North (733 Market St., Basement Level) on a trial basis, to give City employees a safe, convenient place to pursue Wellness goals.

The Employee Wellness Center features lockers, showers and a fitness room equipped with stackable armless chairs, exercise mats, exercise bands and anchors, instructional posters, and the ability to view exercise instruction online through BeachBody and Daily Burn.

BeachBody and Daily Burn classes will be pre-scheduled for the first month. After that, the room can be reserved by and for employees through Microsoft Outlook like any other shared employee resource, under the name Fitness Room TMBN. Employee group reservations are encouraged.

Detailed rules and guidelines for use of the Employee Wellness Center are available here  

Normal operating hours for the Employee Wellness Center – which is accessible via City-issued employee identification badge seven days a week – are 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.  

Questions about the Employee Wellness Center? Contact Wellness Coordinator Shannon Carmody at (253) 591-2002 or wellness@cityoftacoma.org.