TEW Webinars/Classes

Wellness Webinars

As part of the Tacoma Employee Wellness (TEW) Program, you can earn points towards a financial incentive by watching a TEW sponsored webinar and/or by attending an onsite wellness class.

If you watch a LIVE or recorded webinar/class, you are required to complete a Smart Form for points. You can earn 250 points per webinar up to the maximum of 3,000 points per program year (Oct. 1, 2020 through Sept. 30, 2021).  You should retain a copy for your personal records.

Please note that only webinars/classes advertised by the TEW Program qualify. You can find a list of upcoming webinars/classes on the Training Calendar or on the Wellness Events Calendar. ICMA-RC financial wellness webinars also qualify for the incentive. You can find the list of upcoming and on-demand webinars here. City-wide emails are also sent advertising these opportunities. 

There are also several webinars available for you to watch at your convenience on the First Choice Health (EAP) website. To access these webinars, go to www.FirstChoiceEAP.com and enter in the username: cityoftacoma. Once you are on the site, you will see a tile with “Webinars” inside. By clicking on that link you can explore the upcoming webinars and archived webinars, which cover a plethora of different topics related to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

2023 Wellness Incentive Requirements

Duration: 34 minutes

Take this quick training to learn about the 2023 incentive requirements and what is new this program year.

 2023 incentive requirements Transcript coming soon!

City of Tacoma: Webinar 2023 Incentive: Local 6

Duration: 19 minutes

This training reviews the 2023 incentive requirements for Local 6 employees.

 Local 6 2023 Transcript coming soon!

Mental Health and Mindfulness Resources Video

Duration: 38 minutes

This webinar presents information from our various health and welfare vendors regarding mental health and mindfulness resources.


Virgin Pulse Quick Overview

Duration: 26 minutes

This webinar walks through the various components of our robust wellness program through Virgin Pulse.


Food and Mood

Duration: 40 minutes

Discover the latest science on the connection between the food we eat and our moods.


Fad Diets

Duration: 44 minutes

Get the science on weight loss and review common fad diets while learning how to get factual answers on various eating patterns.


Winter Wellness

Duration: 51 minutes

Set yourself up with a strong immune system! Learn strategies about what to eat and drink to strengthen your resistance to illness.


Fight with Food: How Cancer and Nutrition are Linked

Duration: 45 minutes

Christy Goff, Registered Dietician, reviews the research around how nutrition and lifestyle choices can protect us from certain cancers.

Fight with Food: How Cancer and Nutrition are Linked Transcript

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 4

Duration: 48 minutes

This webinar reviews how to personalize your profile and settings, and utilize the support page and chat function.

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 4 Transcript

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 3

Duration: 59 minutes

This webinar reviews the new challenge options (individual and teams), how to add friends and create groups and shout outs.

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 3 Transcript

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 2

Duration: 31 minutes

This webinar reviews Journeys, the programs/benefits page, and how to connect a device.

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 2 Transcript

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 1

Duration: 58 minutes

This webinar reviews how to register and some Virgin Pulse activities, including health check, cards, healthy habits (Track), setting interests, and ways to earn/rewards.

Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform Training 1Transcript

Plant Forward Nutrition

Duration: 48 minutes

Learn what a plant-based diet is and how to incorporate these simple principles into your lifestyle.

Plan Forward Nutrition Transcript

Maintaining psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic

Duration: 54 minutes

Please join us for this webinar on maintaining psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will focus on offering and equipping attendees with helpful tools and insights on different ways of maintaining psychological health during these stressful times. The speaker Simon Katumu is a family practice nurse practitioner at Pacific Medical Centers in Puyallup, WA.

Maintaining psychological wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic Transcript

Chair Yoga for instilling calm

Duration: 17 minutes
Christy Goff, RD and yoga teacher, will move you through chair yoga and meditation techniques.

Chair Yoga Transcript


Duration: 42 minutes

It’s never too early to start keeping your bones in tip-top shape!

Osteoporosis Transcript

Staying Active at Work

Duration: 44:59 minutes

Get motivated to increase your movement at work/home by learning stretches you can do at your desk or between tasks to stay strong in your busy life!

Staying Active at Work Transcript

Nutrition for the Immune System

Duration: 37:43 minutes

This 30 minute webinar focuses on how to boost your immune system with nutrition and other lifestyle factors.

Nutrition for the Immune System​​ Transcript

Brain Disorders

Duration: 31:37 minutes

Learn about common brain diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s and how food can play a role in prevention/treatment.

Brain Disorders​ Transcript

Diet Days are Over

Duration: 33:13 minutes

Get the science on weight loss and review helpful hints for researching various diet plans.

Diet Days are Over​ Transcript

Healthy Holiday Hacks

Duration: 23:19 minutes

Learn to eat healthier this holiday season with tips and tricks for managing the work treat temptations and family or friend gatherings. We will also touch on some helpful ingredient substitutions when cooking traditional meals.

Healthy Holiday Hacks Transcript

Not all Fats are Created Equal

Duration: 35:56 minutes

What is the difference between saturated vs unsaturated fats? Get the real deal in this 30 minute webinar and learn how to enjoy fats in a healthy way.

Not all Fats are Created Equal Transcript

Sleep Matters

Duration: 33 minutes


No Transcript

Food for Thought

Duration: 33 minutes

This webinar teaches you how to eat more mindfully. This awareness can create a healthier relationship with food.

Food for Thought Transcript

Stressed Out Class 2

Duration: 32 minutes

The second class of the series takes a deeper look at stress, nutrition, exercise, and meditation. 

Stressed Out Class 2 Transcript

Slash the Cravings

Duration: 31 minutes

In this 30 minute webinar, gain tips on how to manage food cravings by taking a deeper dive into our evolutionary bodies. We will touch on what foods are typically craved, how to balance your cravings by the food and food environment we are in and review tips on how to make healthy food more flavorful! Here is the PowerPoint and a a handout about the science behind cravings.

Slash the Cravings Transcript

Stressed Out Class 1

Duration: 50 minutes

This three-class series is designed to help you cope with stress effectively. The first class of the series provides an overview of stress physiology and general recommendations on stress. Here are some handouts from the class: stress handoutmindful coloring pagestress and culture articlewebinar slides

Stressed Out Class 1 Transcript

2020 Wellness Incentive Requirements

Duration: 17 minutes

There are now even more ways for you to earn the incentive! This presentation walks through the new wellness program requirements and offers a brief refresher on Track and the the monthly health insurance premium reduction.

2020 Wellness Incentives Requirements Transcript

Be Heart Smart

Duration: 31 minutes

In this webinar, learn how to use food and lifestyle factors to lower your risk for heart disease. Topics will include treatments for lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

Be Heart Smart Transcript

Making Change

Duration: 32 minutes

In this webinar, a registered dietitian will guide you through how to make successful behavior changes.

Healthy Holiday Eating

Duration: 31 minutes

In this webinar, a registered dietitian will guide you through how to be healthy this holiday season. We will review mindful eating and body kindness, recipe alterations and other tips for a happy holiday.

Carbohydrate Conundrum

Duration: 29 min 30 sec

In this webinar, a registered dietician will guide you through the real deal on carbohydrates and how to enjoy them in a healthy way, especially with the holidays.

Carbohydrate Conundrum Transcript

Meal Planning Reset

Duration: 31 minutes

In this webinar, a registered dietitian will guide you through some basic steps to successful meal planning. You will learn various tools and tips while leaving with a few easy yet inspirational recipes. Fall is a great time to start saving money, time and food waste!

Supercharge your Digestion

Duration: 29 minutes

In this webinar, a registered dietician will guide you through the basics of proper digestion as well as how to manage your own. If you’re worried about your digestion or just want to learn about your microflora, nutrient absorption and get some great recipe ideas, watch this webinar!

Supercharge your Digestion Transcript

Using Food to Reduce Inflammation

Duration: 30 minutes

Learn facts and nutrition strategies to manage chronic pain and what the research says about how foods can reduce your body’s chronic inflammation to protect against heart disease, diabetes and manage arthritis symptoms.