RedBrick and Journey FAQs

What is a Health Compass Assessment?
The Health Compass is a unique health assessment questionnaire that enables you to update your assessment anytime during the year. There are approximately 50 questions available and the Health Compass saves responses after each question, allowing you to stop and restart at anytime. The experience picks up where you left off. Compass should take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Completing the Health Compass is just the start to better health. Upon completion of the questions, you will receive a personalized report with recommendations that encourage you to select Journeys that are best suited to your needs and preferences.

What is a Journey?
A Journey takes a big goal like eating healthier and breaks it down into tiny achievable steps.  Each Journey starts with a few questions to personalize the experience for you.  A Journey is made up of several stages and each stage has many steps for you to choose from.  When you have earned enough experience points in one stage you will be offered a challenge step.  When you complete a challenge step you may proceed to the next stage in your Journey.

Helpful Documents: Journey Topics and Descriptions (choose the right Journey for YOU!) and Understanding Journeys.

How long does a Journey take?
Journeys are focused on behavior change, which takes time and intentional practice. Each journey can take anywhere between 2 and 6 weeks. Allow the process to happen as intended, and give yourself at least four weeks to complete one journey.

How many stages are in a Journey?
Each Journey has between 2 and 4 stages, depending on the type of Journey and how experienced you are in that health area when you begin.

How many steps are in a stage?
The number of steps you need to complete a stage varies depending on how many experience points you need to earn and how many experience points the step is worth.  Some steps may be easier and worth fewer points than harder steps.

Can I complete journeys on my smartphone?
Yes, you can! You can join, personalize, track, and complete your journey all on your smartphone. Just open up a browser window on your phone and log into the standard wellness website address.

Can I complete more than one journey at a time?
Yes, you can complete as many journeys as you would like. To keep yourself focused on completing a journey in its entirety, it is recommended to only focus on one–two at a time.

Can I set reminders to myself about the journeys?
Yes. When you join a journey and commit to an action step, you can specify if you want to: get a reminder, customize a reminder (e-mail/text), or choose no reminder. You can update your reminders at any time by going back into the action step you committed to and choosing “update reminder.”

How do I turn off the reminders for my journeys?
You must go into each step and turn it off over on the right-hand side of your screen under “what would you like to do?” Choose “change reminder” and select “no reminder.”

How many journeys can I complete this year?
You can complete as many as you like, but you will only earn points for up to 2 journeys —for a total of 500 points.

What happens to the journeys I don’t complete by the end of the program year?
You will be able to continue journeys you previously started, and earn points when you complete them.

Can I delete a journey from my account?
If you have joined a journey that you no longer want to participate in, you can choose to stop participating by opening up the journey and clicking on the hand icon. This will stop the journey and will remove it from your list of journeys in progress and will remove all reminders for that journey.

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