City of Tacoma Retirement Resources 

Retirement Director Tim Allen provided an overview of retirement system benefits. He demonstrated the online retirement benefits calculator tool, explored various options and showed you how to better estimate your future benefit. View PowerPoint slides.

Human Resources Specialist Monica Rutledge provided an overview of the 457 deferred compensation and HRA VEBA plans. Employees can save and invest in their futures with tax advantages when participating in deferred compensation. The HRA VEBA is a post-separation account-based health plan. The overview covered general rules and benefit options for eligible employees. Monica also discussed post-retirement health care options and eligibility requirements. View PowerPoint slides.

Medicare 101

 Jenny Stark from Regence helped you gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions and pick a plan that works best for you when the time comes. Watch the recording (passcode: H+iCUwW8)

10-Question Retiree Guide 

Douglas Headley of MissionSquare Retirement covered the 10 key questions you should ask, from saving, to Social Security and Medicare, and managing your investments, withdrawals, and taxes. Douglas also discussed estate planning. View PowerPoint slides.