To help you keep your new year’s resolution(s), we are offering double points for 21 days!

Did you know that 80% of resolutions are abandoned by Valentine’s Day? We are hopeful that this double points opportunity will encourage you to continue your progress towards a healthier and happier life. As you know, there are many ways for you to earn points on a daily, monthly, quarterly, annual and/or onetime basis in Virgin Pulse; so make sure to visit ‘Rewards’ in Virgin Pulse to see which activities* qualify. Below you’ll find examples:

  • Activity/Steps:  Rather than earning 100 points for exercising 30 minutes in a day, you will earn 200 points; if you take 7,000 steps in a day, you’ll earn 140 points rather than 70 points.
  • Create a personal challenge:  Rather than earning 150 points, you will earn 300 points. You can create one personal challenge a month for points!
  •  Daily Cards: Rather than 20 points per card (40 points per day), you will earn 40 points per card (80 points per day).
  • Healthy Habits:  Rather than 30 points per day for tracking three healthy habits, you can earn 60 points. If you track healthy habits for 10 days during the DOUBLE POINTS period, you can earn an additional 400 points.
  • Journeys: Rather than earning 30 points per day for completing a Journey step or 150 points for completing the entire Journey, you will earn 60 points and 300 points, respectively.
  • Shout Outs: Rather than earning 100 points for giving and/or receiving a shoutout, you can earn 200 points (one time each per month).
  • Webinars: Rather than 250 points per webinar, you can earn 500 points for each (if you submit a smart form). View a list of recorded webinars here. Don’t forget that the Employee Assistance Program (username: cityoftacoma) webinars count for points as well. Remember, you are not awarded points instantly when submitting a smart form. But, we will make sure that anyone who submits a smart form during the double points period is awarded with double points. You can only get credit for watching 12 webinars during the program year.

* The annual physical, health check, and vouchers do not qualify for double points.