We appreciate the eagerness that our employees have expressed in the re-opening of our Employee Wellness Centers (EWCs) and are happy to announce that they will be available for use beginning April 4th.

Current members of the EWCs are required to complete a smartsheet in order to regain access. We appreciate everyone who took the time to complete this form back in August, but we are requiring that all employees who were active EWC members in 2020 take a minute to do so again. We cannot and will not assume that everyone who was a member of an EWC would like to reinstate their access nor can we assume that everyone would like their access reinstated at the same time. So, all active members will be required to complete a smartsheet by April 15th. This form will allow employees to officially cancel their membership and it will offer reinstatement date options for those that would like to continue their membership. There will be no $5 fee for April.

Active EWC members who do not complete the smartsheet by April 15th will automatically have their membership cancelled. They are, however, encouraged and welcome to redo the application process when it better suits their needs. We understand that these are uncertain times.

Note: If you are not a current member of an Employee Wellness Center, you can learn more about the facilities and how to join here.